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– God's Intent and Design

This book presents God’s original intent with marriage and, by extension, what marriage is today. You will discover that marriage is the building block of society, a collaboration, a covenant, an image, a sign, and a battle.
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The author, Rune Zahl-Olsen, writes not only about what is obvious but also about God’s deeper purpose in establishing marriage.

He clearly explains why there is a battle around the concept of marriage and around marriage as an institution in society. This book is based on the fundamental belief that the Bible is God’s word to us and that marriage is established by God for distinct purposes.
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Rune Zahl-Olsen

Rune Zahl-Olsen is married to Agnes, lives in Norway, and has three adult children. As a couple, they have served as regional leaders of the Norwegian family ministry within Youth With a Mission for more than ten years. Together, they have been teaching at family camps, couple retreats, marriage conferences, and weekends, as well as at Family Ministry Schools at the University of the Nations. When their children were younger, they served as missionaries in the Philippines. 

Rune has a PhD and several years of experience as a couple and family therapist and a researcher within this field. He has written several scientific articles about marriage and divorce that have been published in well-known journals. Marriage – God’s Intent and Design is his second book.

See zahl-olsen.com for more information.

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This book is a recommended read to anyone who is married, considering separation, or considering marriage.

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